Sunday, October 5, 2008

Buffet Village

I forgot to mention that last week Jen and I were going through the Jack in the Box drive through to get a milk shake. They are right next door to Buffet Village. Parked in the parking lot was an animal control truck. I really hope he was just there to eat lunch.

Friday, October 3, 2008

3rd Semi-Annual Mt. Pleasant Ward Time Out For Men

The time has arrived for the 3rd Semi-Annual Mount Pleasant Ward Time Out For Men. Let it be known that this is the original Time Out For Men. Any other wards having an activity by the same name are impostors.

We are heading on a road trip for this TOFM because our current church does not have a satellite hook up to watch conference on. We are eating at BUFFET VILLAGE in Gilmer. It's a Chinese Buffet/Mongolian grill. It is rumored to be a money laundering operation since no one can figure out how the place can have so much food available at such a cheap price. My theory on the whole thing is that maybe when we think we're eating chicken we really aren't. Have you noticed that there a never any stray dogs and cats running around in Gilmer?